VETSPACE, Inc. (Veterans Providing a Caring Environment)

VETSPACE, Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting homeless veterans and their families.


Contact: Cheryl Wedgwood, Director (352) 222-2256,

What they do: VETSPACE, Inc. provides homeless veterans with “transitional and permanent supportive housing” and services, referrals, and services to “facilitate and maintain independent” employment/financial and residential stability.

What YOU can do to help: The following items are needed on an ongoing basis. If you have the following items to donate, contact the office at 352-222-2256 to arrange for pick-up of your donations.

Hygiene Products: laundry powder, cleaning supplies, razors, shampoo, deodorant, soap, toothpaste, sanitary napkins, toothbrushes, toilet paper, tissues, tampons

Food: rice, coffee, pasta, peanut butter, tea, creamer and sugar, canned goods, juice, milk

Household Supplies: radios, beds, lamps, tables, utensils, bedding, appliances, towels, televisions, alarm clocks