Take Stock in Children (TSIC)

Take Stock in Children (TSIC) is an incentive scholarship and mentorship program.


Contact: (352) 955-7250 x 236, Debiegarere@gm.sbac.edu

Address: 802 NE 8th Ave., Gainesville, FL, 32641

Who they are: Take Stock in Children is a statewide strategy to overcome academic failure and child poverty by helping to turn dreams into reality and providing hope for a better future.

What they do: Take Stock in Children provides each student who signs up for the program with a caring adult mentor and the incentive of a college scholarship. Students who are financially eligible enter the program in 7th grade. They sign a contract to remain crime and drug free, stay out of trouble, keep their grades up and stay in school. Students are matched with a caring volunteer adult mentor who helps guide them through the middle school and high school years as they work hard toward earning their college scholarship.

What YOU can do to help: Adult mentors are needed to support, advocate for and befriend high school and middle school students who have pledged to keep their grades up, stay out of trouble and stay in school. Mentors meet with the students an hour each week at the students’ schools. Mentors serve as positive role models, advocates, coaches and friends.