Operation Catnip

Operation Catnip, a nonprofit organization, offers free spay/neuter and vaccine services for free-roaming unowned cats in Alachua County.


Contact: (352) 380-0940, info@ocgainesville.org

Address: PO Box 141023, Gainesville, FL, 32614-1023

What they do: Operation Catnip sterilizes feral or stray cats in Alachua County. They provide vaccinations that are routine at the time of surgery. They lend out humane animal traps for the safe transportation and capture of cats to their clinic. (Feral cats are offspring of stray or abandoned household pets. They are raised without human contact, so they revert to a wild nature and then form colonies where shelter and food are available.) Their goal is to reduce euthanasia of feral and stray cats at Alachua county Animal Services and to reduce the population of feral and stray cats in Alachua County.

What YOU can do to help: Licensed veterinarian volunteers, vet technician volunteers and veterinary student volunteers are needed, as well as other volunteers who can help with administrative and other duties. A rabies vaccination is required to volunteer with this organization. Feral cat caretaker volunteers trap and transport feral cats to and from the clinic.

2016 Clinic Dates


September 11th

October 9th

November 6th

December 4th