House of Hope of Alachua County, Inc.

House of Hope is a not-for-profit prison transitional ministry that ministers to those in prison and provides a faith based program as they are transitioning back into society.


Contact: (352) 672-5082, Tom Bakos (Executive Director),

Who they are: The House of Hope of Alachua County is a faith based discipleship program.

What they do: Volunteers from the House of Hope visit and minister to those in prison. They provide mentoring, fellowship, discipleship, and study of the Word. The House of Hope can house a certain number of people at a time once they leave prison. They provide them with mentoring, fellowship, discipleship, shelter, and clothing.

What YOU can do to help: Volunteer opportunities include:

One on One Mentoring

Life Skills (budgeting, computer)

Job Placement


Special Events (Luncheons, Graduations, Prayer Breakfast)

Bible Study/Prayer Leaders

Prayer Counselors

Video Editing & Production

Provide Dinner & Fellowship

Graphic Design

Weekend Fellowship (visiting with residents on weekends)

**If you are interested in volunteering with this organization, call the number listed above or use the e-mail address listed above.

The following donations are also needed:

House Supplies

Office Supplies

Work boots

Printing Material & Services


Christian DVDs, CDS, books

Dental & Medical Service

House Maintenance

Car Repairs

Gift Cards to local stores for Supplies/Clothes