Guardian Ad Litem

The Florida Guardian Ad Litem Program is composed of court appointed volunteers who advocate for the best interests of children who are abused, neglected and/or abandoned. 


Contact: Lynn Deen, (352) 548-3823,

Address: 14 S. Main St., Gainesville, FL, 32601

Who they are: Guardians ad Litem are volunteers who are court appointed to advocate for the best interests of children in the dependency court system. Volunteers get to know the child and their case. They monitor the case, collect information from all the parties involved in the case and make recommendations to the court to ensure that the child is in a caring, stable and safe environment.

What YOU can do to help: Volunteers attend court hearings on their case and visit the child they are assigned to at least once per month. They must complete visit reports, document pertinent information regarding the case, and write reports with their recommendations regarding the child’s best interest to the court. The process and commitment for volunteering is:

–  Submit an application. (Contact Lynn Deen or go to the website for an application.)
–  Complete a screening interview
–  Complete free 30 hour pre-service training
–  Pass criminal background check
–  Commit to advocating for your child for at least one year
–  Commit to volunteering an average of 10 hours per month
–  Must be 21 years of age