Florida Wildlife Care, Inc.

Florida Wildlife Care (FWC) strives to care for and conserve the native Florida wildlife and habitat through study, rehabilitation and education.


Contact: (352) 371-4443, volunteering@floridawildlifecare.org

Address: 3400 SE 15th St., Gainesville, FL, 32641

What they do: Florida Wildlife Care, Inc. does the following:

Work for wildlife conservation through education classes, newsletters and educational materials

Wildlife Care Center (provides rehabilitation and medical care for wildlife)

24-Hour Helpline (wildlife assistance and information concerning injured, orphaned, displaced or sick wildlife

What YOU can do to help: Here is a list of volunteer opportunities:

1) Animal Care at the Center

Preparing food for the animals

Treating orphaned and injured animals

Keeping animal cages clean

Feeding animals

Providing prescribed treatments for the animals

2) Animal Fostering

3) House Maintenance at the Center

Sweeping and dusting

Washing dishes

Doing laundry


Taking out trash

4) Yard Maintenance at the Center

Mowing grass

Hosing down the cages

Cleaning the yard debris

Cage repairs

Maintenance of flower garden

5) Rescue and Transport

Transporting animals to and from the Center

6) Office Assistance at the Center (must be staffed 7 days a week from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Keeping the Center organized and clean

Updating and maintaining volunteer and membership databases

Updating and tracking animal release and intake records

Liaising with the public

7) After Hours Helpline Assistance

Manning the emergency pager and hot-line service from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m.

8) Scout Troop Liaison

Maintain contact with troops in the area

Provide project plans and ideas

Oversee completion of projects

Solicit participation

9) Educational Development and Public Outreach

Overseeing public activities

Establishing community venues

Designing new programs

10) Special Projects

***If you are interested in volunteering, e-mail the address listed above with the position you are interested in and sign up for a volunteer orientation. Here are the requirements for volunteering with Florida Wildlife Care, Inc:

*18+ years old

*Must have proof of tetanus booster that is current

*Must have a driver’s license

*Volunteer 4+ hours per week for at least 3 months