Florida Diabetes Camp

Florida Diabetes Camp helps children and youth with diabetes learn to handle their diabetes by sharing with adults who care and other children who have diabetes.


Contact: Gary Cornwell, (352) 334-1321, volunteers@floridadiabetescamp.org, fccyd@floridadiabetescamp.org

Address: P.O. Box 14136, Gainesville, FL, 32604

What YOU can do to help: You must be at least 18 years old to volunteer. Florida Diabetes Camp is staffed by nurses, teachers, physicians, administrators, nutritionists and counselors. Volunteer recruitment happens in the winter and spring for the summer camps. Fall and spring programs at the camp are staffed by summer counselors.

When you complete the Application, mail it to the address listed above. Then the staff will schedule an interview for you. They will also verify your references and do a background check. If you are selected to volunteer, you will then go to an orientation/training session before you start volunteering at camp.

***For more information, contact Gary Cornwell at the contact information listed above.