Florida Alternative Breaks (FAB)

Florida Alternative Breaks is a service organization at UF where students go on community service trips during spring, winter, or summer break.


Contact: director.fab@gmail.com, Alex Gibbs (Director), floridaalternativebreaks@gmail.com

Who they are: FAB is a UF service organization where college students are a part of community service trips during spring, winter, or summer break. These trips can be regional or international. The trips usually last one week and address various social issues. These trips are coordinated with volunteer organizations related to the social issue being addressed.

What they do: Previous FAB trips have focused on volunteering in health facilities, rebuilding homes, constructing homes, planting trees, and building relationships with the people they are helping. 

What YOU can do to help: If you are a college student interested in volunteering to go on a Florida Alternative Breaks trip, contact the director or drop by the Center for Leadership and Service in the Dean of Students Office in Peabody Hall on the UF campus. This program needs participants, site leaders, and executive board members.  (Note: There is a cost associated with each trip.)