Child Advocacy Center

The Child Advocacy Center (CAC or The Center) of Gainesville provides an environment that is supportive, child friendly, and safe for neglected and abused children in the community.


Contact: (352) 376-9161,

Mailing address: PO 13454, Gainesville, FL, 32604

What they do:  Counselors, state attorneys, social workers, victim advocates, medical professionals, law enforcement officers, and Guardians Ad Litem come together as a team to coordinate interventions and investigations for each case of child abuse.  This makes the child’s time in the legal system shorter and provides the support and services children and their families need.

What YOU can do to help: Volunteers are needed in the following areas. Here is the Volunteer Application.

Transport Volunteers  are needed to help make clients feel comfortable and at ease in a supportive and friendly environment while being taken to the Center. Transport Volunteers ride along with staff from the Center as they transport clients to and from therapy sessions.

Fundraising Volunteers  are needed to help with special events.

Gainesville Gone Austin” is October 27, 2016.

Clerical Support Volunteers  are needed to track library lending, answer phones, file, update photo and resource albums, prepare and distribute flyers, and greet clients.

Building and Grounds Maintenance Volunteers  are needed to care for the lawn and garden, to clean the facility, and to make repairs.

Data Entry Volunteers  are needed to update donor lists, mailing lists, and media lists.

Greeter Volunteers  are needed to greet families as they arrive at the Center and to supervise children who are not involved in the session. Volunteers facilitate quiet play with these children such as reading books, coloring, and putting puzzles together.

Note:  Volunteers are screened through the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.   

Another way to help is by donating items from the Donation

“Wish List”  of the Child Advocacy Center.  

            Canned soda

            Juice boxes

            Individually wrapped snacks

            Toilet paper

            Paper towels

            Coloring books

            Construction paper

            Art supplies

            Scrapbooks and materials

            Music CD’s

            DVDs/Videos Board Games for all Ages

            New and gently used toys

            Blank recordable DVD’s

            Reams of copy paper

            Hand-held games (able to turn off noise)

            Fast food gift certificates

            Grocery store gift certificates

            Cash for pamphlets, victim information packets


            Digital camera

            Lawn mower