Camp Boggy Creek

Camp Boggy Creek, a not-for-profit organization, is a medical camping facility for children ages 7-16 who have life-threatening or chronic illnesses.


Contact: (352) 483-4200 x 4293, (866) 462-6449 x 4293,

Address: 30500 Brantley Branch Rd, Eustis, FL 32736

Who they are: Campy Boggy Creek is a not-for-profit organization located 2 hours southeast of Gainesville in Lake County.  It is a medical camping facility for children ages 7-16 who have life-threatening or chronic illnesses.

What they do: Camp Boggy Creek creates camping experiences that are fun, memorable, physically safe, exciting, and medically sound for children.  Every year they have 8 week-long summer camping sessions.  In addition to the summer camping sessions, they have family weekends during the spring and fall semesters.

What YOU can do to help: Volunteers ages 19 and older are needed. Both individuals and small groups, students, professionals, and husbands & wives are welcome to apply to become volunteers.  Volunteers need to be energetic, responsible, enthusiastic, have a sense of humor, compassionate, committed, team player, and be ready to play with KIDS!  Volunteers are needed for summer camping sessions, family weekends, and all throughout the year as day or ongoing volunteers.  To be considered for a volunteer position at the summer camping sessions or family weekends, you must be 19 or older, complete a volunteer application and background check, submit three non-family/non-friend references with e-mail addresses, complete a phone interview, pass a criminal background check, complete the required medical form with proof of current TB test, have proof of a medical physical conducted within the past year, sign Service Agreement after application process, attend an orientation session, and be committed to the entire duration of the scheduled volunteer session.  To become a day or ongoing volunteer for Camp Boggy Creek, you only need to complete and submit the volunteer application, complete a background check, and participate in a short interview.  Here is a list of the volunteer opportunities available:

Summer Camping Sessions: (7-8 days commitment)

Cabin Counselors: These volunteers live and play with the campers for a week of fun.  They are expected to be energetic and very responsible.  They take care of the daily needs of 8-10 campers per cabin.  Cabin counselors lead by example and live in the cabin assigned to them for the entire week.  Usually there are 2-3 volunteer cabin counselors and 2 paid cabin counselors per cabin.

Psycho-social Professionals:  Social workers, mental health counselors, child life specialists, and psychologists usually serve as cabin counselors.  Psycho-social professionals are consulted at the camp for psycho-social and behavioral camper concerns.

Weekend Retreat Volunteer Opportunities Include:  (Family Weekend Retreats require a 3 day commitment with the exception of the KOVAC Retreat (5 days) and Spina Bifida Retreats (4 days.)

Activity Pals:  These volunteers are each part of a team that is in charge of a particular area at the camp: Boating and Fishing, Woodshop, Pool, Archery, and Arts/Crafts. Each team is in charge of the set-up, operation, and clean-up of their area.  These volunteers are also assigned to a particular family that he or she is expected to join for evening programs and meals.  They assist the family pal with the children when the parents are in parents-only groups.

Certified Lifeguards: These qualified volunteers are in great need each weekend at the lakefront and pool.  If the volunteer certified lifeguard cannot commit to an entire weekend, he or she may volunteer between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. on Saturdays of the Family Weekends.

Family Pals: Each family pal volunteer is paired with a specific family for the weekend. The family pal acts as a host for the weekend.  Responsibilities of this position can include: greeting families, giving them a camp tour, joining them in activities at the camp, playing with the children when the parents are in parents-only groups, and helping the family in general.

Physician, Nurse, Medical Support: These volunteers are usually doctors and nurses who specialize in the illnesses that are present during a specific session. Some sessions need the help of pharmacists, respiratory therapists, or physical therapists who work side-by-side with nurses and doctors. For these positions, you must have the appropriate Florida License.

Dining Hall: Dining Hall/Kitchen volunteers assist the chef and food service manager in serving healthy and hearty meals every meal every day. They set tables, clean tables, and prepare food.

Support Group Facilitators: Psycho-social professionals and licensed or third year graduate students are needed to be volunteer support group facilitators.  If you are not able to attend the entire weekend, facilitators may attend Saturday afternoons between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m.   

Day or Ongoing Volunteer Opportunities Include:

Activity Keepers:  An activity keeper’s primary responsibility is to help keep an assigned activity area straightened up and organized. For example, an activity keeper would check the library’s appearance once or twice a month, making sure the books in the library are alphabetized and neatly stacked on the shelves. In the theater, this person would be responsible for keeping the costumes and props neatly arranged, separated and repaired. These activities are scheduled when camp is not in session.

Airport Ambassador:  Volunteers who are willing to undergo a Florida state DMV (Department of Motor Vehicle) check in order to drive our camp vehicles to and from the Airport, Bus or Train station; providing transportation for all our volunteers who travel from out of town.

Dining Hall/Kitchen:  Dining Hall/Kitchen volunteers help the food service manager and chef serve hearty and healthy meals on any given day when camp is in session. They set and clean up the dining hall before and after the meals; preparing the food that everyone enjoys for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Housekeeping:  Housekeeping volunteers work with our full-time staff assisting them with laundry, tidying-up the cabins and program areas and making camper beds between sessions.

Maintenance:  Maintenance volunteers work with our full-time staff helping them keep our camp beautiful. We are looking for people who are able to help mow grass or do minor repairs such as: painting, fixing sprinkler heads, replacing screens in doors, etc.

Office Support:  The Camp Operations Office, the Executive Office and the Patch (Medical Center) are very busy places, and we are always looking for people who can help with copying, mailings, filing, answering telephones, and computer work on a daily basis.

Quilts, Afghans, Boggy Bears and Theater Costumes:  Each session, campers and families go home with a hand-made afghan and Boggy Bear stitched with love. Our campers are amazed to see all the beautiful quilts that adorn the beds and walls of the cabins and buildings. We’re also looking for some volunteers who can make and/or mend costumes for our theater program. This exciting opportunity to help can be done from home. If you’re interested and would like more information about this program, please call 352-483-4200 extension 215 or toll-free at 866-Go-Boggy extension 215.

Service Projects:  Service project volunteers are corporate groups, school groups, community-based groups, etc. wishing to complete any given project at camp for several hours one day when camp is not in session. Some examples of projects include: building shelves, making beds, building sheds, painting buildings, and maintaining hiking trails and landscape. (NOTE: There are scheduled “work days” throughout the year. Please contact for project dates.)

Special Events:  Special event volunteers help with fundraising and other special events scheduled throughout the year. Our annual special events include: Holiday Party, the Daytona Harley Davidson Ride For Children, camp tours and numerous regional events.

Woodworking:  Woodshop is one of the busiest activities at camp, and we are constantly in need of people who can cut out unfinished wood projects for the campers to sand, assemble, and decorate. Some woodshop projects include: plaques, animal box kits, race cars, and CD racks. This exciting opportunity to help can be done from home. If interested in our complete woodshop list, please call Rob Manning at 352-483-4200 extension 233 or toll-free at 866-Go-Boggy extension 233.