Bread of the Mighty Food Bank

Bread of the Mighty Food Bank acquires and distributes food and toiletries to other nonprofit programs that help those in need.


Contact: (352) 336-0839,, Contact Form

Address: 325 NW 10 Ave, Gainesville, FL 32601

Who they are: Since 1987, Bread of the Mighty Food Bank has been serving the 5 Florida counties of Alachua, Lafayette, Levy, Gilchrist, and Dixie. Bread of the Mighty Food Bank is a PDO (Partnering Distribution Agency) of the largest domestic hunger-relief charity in the United States, Feeding America.

What they do: Bread of the Mighty Food Bank is a warehouse and distribution center for foods acquired from individuals, the U.S.D.A., cash purchases, retailers, manufacturers and wholesalers. The food that is collected is then distributed by a network of 150 agencies, including nonprofit groups and churches. These groups set up programs such as food pantries and soup kitchens.

What YOU can do to help: There are three main ways you can volunteer:

Warehouse volunteers: Volunteers are needed to sort, box, and process foods in the warehouse. Volunteers also help keep the freezers, refrigerators and showroom shelves stocked and organized.

Food drive volunteers: Volunteers are needed to conduct food drives. These food drives usually last for 2-4 weeks. You can choose where to have the food drive, what bins or boxes to collect the food in (Bread of the Mighty Food Bank can loan you some bins and barrels if you need help with that), whether to make it a competition or not, and how to spread the word. Bread of the Mighty can provide examples of publicity flyers, information brochures, signs, and even give a kick-off presentation for your food drive.

Food donation volunteers: Another way to help is by donating food. All food donations (perishable and non- perishable) are accepted, but the ones that needed the most are:

Peanut butter

Canned fruits

Canned vegetables

Baked beans

100% juice in cans and boxes

Canned chicken

Canned tuna

Canned meats

Canned milk

Powdered milk

Evaporated milk

Canned beef stew

Canned chili

Boxed rice

Boxed cereals

Boxed pasta


Macaroni & cheese

They also need donations of toiletries as well: toilet paper, shampoo, children and adult diapers, deodorant and soaps.