AMIkids Gainesville

AMIkids Gainesville is a nonprofit day treatment program that gives youth opportunities to learn and grow in responsibility, leadership, and confidence so they can move on to a brighter future.


Contact: (352) 395-6193

Address: 6815 SW Archer Rd, Gainesville, 32608

What they do: AMIkids Gainesville’s Day Treatment Program works with youth who “have been adjudicated delinquent by the court for misdemeanors and lesser felonies.” AMIkids Gainesville runs motivating, positive programs to inspire learning, personal growth, confidence, and leadership. They give youth the opportunity to transform into responsible, productive adults.

What YOU can do to help: Here are the volunteer opportunities available with AMIkids Gainesville:
Classroom Mentor
Career Development Speaker
Administrative Worker
Board of Trustees Member
Working with counseling groups
Providing opportunities for vocational learning
Supporting community service activities